Human Wellbeing Ltd

Use this client checklist to ensure that you access safe, and effective psychotherapy and counselling


An Effective counsellor or psychotherapist:



· understands depression and how to lift it

· helps immediately with anxiety & trauma  problems  

· is prepared to give information and advice as needed

· will not use jargon or psychobabble

· will not tell you that counselling or psychotherapy has to be 'painful'

· will not unduly dwell on the past

· will be supportive when difficult feelings emerge

· will not encourage people to get emotional

· may assist you to develop your social skills

· will help you draw on your own resources

· will be considerate of the effects of counselling on the people close to you

· may teach you to relax deeply

· will help you think about your problems in new and more    empowering ways

· uses a wide range of techniques as appropriate

· may ask you to do things between sessions

· will take as few sessions as possible

· will increase your self confidence and ensure you feel better after each session


* this list was prepared by the ethical committee of ETSI (The European Ethical Studies Institute)