Human Wellbeing Ltd

"Hope you are well and still working your magic as I indeed felt you did with me, the anxiety went after 15 years and I am still very grateful."


Hi Judith

I often think about you and your work, Your help changed my life so I will always thankful for that...keep up your good work.


"Extremly anxious at the beginning but the sessions taught me first how to cope with the feelings and then to take the anxiety away completely"


"... I have very warm memories about our sessions

just want to say that you are doing your job very, very well!"


"...many thanks for the session I have felt really good ever since, and the nightmares seem to have stopped... as I am sleeping OK "


"Judith was brilliant, she has helped me overcome a number of issues and has allowed me to look forward to the future”


"Judith, I can't thank you enough for helping her find that final surge of confidence...The change in her attitude was the key to her success. And you were the key to her finding it!"


"...Many, many thanks for all of your help – it has been life changing for me"